Thursday, February 4, 2010

Post columnist predicts the future of tablets

Washington Post business columnist Steven Pearlstein talked with viewers about the iPad. A lot of ideas were touched upon in this online discussion. I was struck by this prediction "Thin, light portable tablets are going to be HUGE in everything. Reading books and newspapers. Playing games. Keeping up with e-mail and stuff when you are on the move. And when you get to the office or home, you'll put the tablet into some holder, hook it up to a keyboard or mouse, and it becomes the screen for your "computer."

Blogging? It's for old folks.

Proof that social media continues to evolve is a report from Pew Research that blogging is becoming passe among teens. While blogging dropped among teens (down to 18 percent), the use of social media continued to rise (73 percent), indicating that teens are shifting from blogging to other forms of media. Blogging held steady among those older than 18. The Pew report has lots of statistics about teens and computers.