Thursday, February 25, 2010

Internet advertising faces restrictions, industry leader says

Internet advertising faces major regulation, according to industry leader Randall Rothenberg. It's part of a concentrated attack on his industry, he says.

Rothenberg says that proposals are in several federal and state venues to "define nearly all data exchanged through interactive channels as behavioral, and place all of these types of ads under strict regulation."

Rothenberg has called for the industry to self-regulate and publicize its efforts.

Newspaper sites score high on trust

Even in the ever-changing media landscape these days, there are some constants. One is them is that newspapers -- and their websites -- are the most-trusted source for local news and advertising. Yet another study of media web sites released today shows this.

So why isn't this being trumpeted more? Especially the advertising area? The problem, MediaPost columnist Eric Sass says, is that "Newspaper publishers have struggled to monetize large online audiences at anywhere near the rate of their legacy print product." Alas, he's correct.