Monday, March 1, 2010

Pew outlines new media revolution

The rise of the Internet has dramatically changed media habits (not news), but a new Pew Research report delivers lots of news demonstrating the extent of the change and how it will impact our media futures.

The report is filled with nuggets like "The process Americans use to get news is based on foraging and opportunism. They seem to access news when the spirit moves them or they have a chance to check up on headlines." As the report continues, "While online, most people say they use between two and five online news sources and 65% say they do not have a single favorite website for news. Some 21% say they routinely rely on just one site for their news and information."

People's relationship, the report says, is portable (a third of cell phones are used to access news), personalized (nearly a third have personalized their home pages to bring them specialized news), and participatory (37 percent of all Internet users are adding news or commenting on news).

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