Thursday, April 15, 2010

E-readers showing strength of printed word

A new report shows the strength of the printed word. This time it's on e-readers, where the study showed that 91 percent of e-reader owners read print or digital magazines, compared to 84 percent of all adults. That demonstrates the appeal of magazines can be directly tied to willingness to try the new platform.

The key is reading. Frankly, we're entering an age where platforms aren't as important as content, assuming the publishers can get paid for their efforts. I believe that demonstrating the audience is there will lead to the money. The study shows that e-reader readers (I sort of like that phrasing) will pay for content, if it's not exorbitant. After paying $9.99 for a paperback novel just to get something to read on a plane, I'm redefining exorbitant in my own mind.

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