Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guardian moves ahead into new media realm

Few newspapers have embraced "new media" models as eagerly as London's Guardian, which has long worked to integrate its traditional reporting/writing/publishing with new, digital forms of journalism. It's going farther, according to CEO Andrew Miller.

The Guardian is going to reach out to its audience using what he called the papers "Open Newslist." "We encourage people to interact with it, and we are also trying a live blog of what we are discussing during the day," he said. Miller said the Guardian has going from "being a UK paper with 3000,000 readers to a global news organization with 65 million unique users, according to a story on It's still an experiment, but a lively one.

Miller's talk at a digital media conference in London laid out the paper's plans for its future. It looks like a good plan, at that.

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