Monday, September 13, 2010

British media go after Murdoch empire

British media has uncovered a huge scandal in Rupert Murdoch's British empire. His media properties, according to press reports, used private detectives and illegal means to assemble dossiers on British politicians and others.

The Guardian links Murdoch influence to all parties who have controlled Great Britain's political reins for the past 30 years. It said, "Murdoch is a problem for British society and the News of the World phone-hacking story – given further impetus over the last 10 days by the New York Times and the Guardian – is a symptom of the chronic malignity of his power" in a story basically claiming that Murdoch's empire threatens British democracy.

Let's see if American media will challenge Murdoch's power (Fox News, Fox News Channel, Wall Street Journal among others). Seems like a scandal waiting to happen over here as well (somehow, I can't imagine that Murdoch operates differently here than overseas.

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