Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Congrats to the JS for another Pulitzer (are they getting ho-hum in that newsroom?) in a contest recognizing online efforts

Congratulations to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which placed its four straight Pulitzer finalist and third winner in that span. It certainly supports the huge bet the newspaper took by pulling so many top reporters out of the general newsroom to staff its special projects unit (headed by Greg Borowski, often teacher at M.U. and even more often lecturer in classes as well as participating on the Alumni and Student Media boards). The weakness, of course, is that means those reporters aren't available for more routine coverage -- and they're needed.

Nevertheless, it's wonderful to see the newspaper's work honored. Those of us lucky enough to read them throughout the year have already awarded them our personal prizes for producing the great work.

Other than that, the big news from Pulitzer-land is that ProPublicia won it's second straight award, this year for an entry that never appeared in print, the first time that has happened. Just as the JS's award honored the entire team, multimedia, photographer and designer, ProPublicia's award honored its web entry (where much of the JS entry was published). It's a new world for media, for sure.

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