Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is there a place for objectivity today?

Very interesting conversation between a couple of new media types about journalism today, including repeating the thought that "transparency is the new objectivity." There's a lot more interesting stuff in the talks between Jeff Jarvis, the creator of Entertainment Weekly, a San Francisco Examiner columnist, the associate publisher of The Daily News, and a consultant to new media companies, and the head of the online site TechCrunch Mike Arrington.

It was filled with good stuff, and, as so often happens to me as I read new media postings, proved the value of journalistic training, or at least good English training. It was filled with punctuation errors that get a lot of attention in journalism schools. That's not to say trained journalists are perfect, but they at least get some attention to the basics. Far too many online sites are filled with bad grammar or punctuation.

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