Monday, April 23, 2012

If a video ad runs in the Internet forest and no one watches, did it make an impression?

Interesting. The headline on the OnlineMediaDaily post was "Americans watch billions of video ads monthly." The report went on to say that, based on data from comScore, video ads reached 51 percent of Americans with each watching an average of 53 video ads a month.

Can't dispute the data, although that seems quite high, but I will question the wording of the story. It assumed that just because I clicked on a site containing a video ad that I watched the ad. I don't. Using me as a typical heavy Internet user, I think of the video ads I come in contact with. They come on, and I do something else until they've used up their allotted 20 sections (the average length, according to the data), then turn to whatever it was that I wanted to do when the ad started. It's a big jump from a video ad playing to my actually watching it.

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