Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adding tiger blood to new media mix

We talk a lot about how new media is reshaping the entire media landscape, offering users a host of new venues. One of them is offering direct access to celebrities where fans can find their own news.

It also offers celebrities the opportunity to shape their messages, and more and more of them have moved into the direct news route with their sites spreading views, news and, often, direct sales of products. For example, sports celeb Mark Cuban (a millionaire who owns the Dallas Mavericks) has long offered his views on all sorts of things directly, via Twitter and his website.

It was almost inevitable that Charlie Sheen -- currently the hottest name in the blogosphere -- would open his own site, and with the announcement that " is finally in the hands of its Warlock owner," that opportunity became a reality. It promises to be fun to watch, although I'm not sure how much solid information will be added to the global intelligence cache.

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