Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A few thoughts about media surveys

A new report from Project for Excellence in Journalism says that more people are reporting they get news from the Internet at least three times a week than report they get news from printed newspapers.

I don't see it as a bit surprising since I think people reading print newspapers are, for the most part, solid news consumers who get news from a variety of places. So far today (and it's only 8:32 a.m.), I have: 1) read a printed newspaper cover to cover, 2) scanned another printed newspaper, reading six stories, 3) listened to a radio newscast, 4) scanned five Internet news sites, one several times, 6) checked in on Facebook.

I do numbers 3 through 6 several times a day. I also generally read other printed newspapers, especially the nine free weekly publications I read each week, and that's not to mention the magazines and books. I am a news junkie. But so are lots of others. Yes, I'll show up in the survey's listing of people who get news online -- but I get it in other places as well, so when you read these surveys, think hard about the questions.

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