Thursday, May 12, 2011

German leader sees digital, paper coexisting

A prominate German media leader believes tablets are a "gamechanger" for newspapers, but they won't hurt the print publications. "Is our core business to print newspapers," Mathias Doepfne says, no, "our core business is to create branded content and to monitarize it."

"We are reaching new readers with our digital offerings," he said, explaining that he doesn't see digital products "cannibalizing" print products. Asked if he sees newspapers lasting, he said they'd be here a lot "longer than people speculate." The real gamechanger he says would be electronic paper, a product that is being researched now.

His view is important since Europeans have taken over media leadership. Rather than curl up and waiting to die, as so many American media companies are, Europeans are aggressively experimenting to see what work.

Doepfne is CEO of Axel Springer AG, which owns more than 260 newspapers and magazines as well as more than 80 online publications along with radio and television stations.

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